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Sunset Meditation

Thursday, Dec 15, 2022

5:45pm – 12:00am

Sunset Meditation

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Start: 20 minutes before Sunset

Location: Garden of the Gods (When Weather Permits) or Unity House.

Have you met your twin flame or your higher self in flesh?

Your twin flame comes from the same soul frequency and serves as a mirror of your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual self.

Twin flame retreats enable you to ascend through your energy centers to experience oneness with your higher self. This unity consciousness will help catalyze or strengthen the reunion with your twin flames.

Unity House physically expresses the merging of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in matter to provide a catalytic environment for your journey back to oneness with all there is through your twin flame reunion. Twin flame meditations and visualizations are typically conducted at the Garden of the Gods about 30 minutes away or at the Unity House where other retreat activities also take place.

Unity Lodge provides a supportive environment to enable all harmonic frequencies of your soul to gather to facilitate chance encounters among soul mates. You soul mates are here to help you become complete on your own so you are ready for the reunion with your twin flame. Unity Lodge provides a sense of home to facilitate your journey back to the source.

Participants of the twin flame retreats can book their accommodations at the Unity Lodge at www.unitylodging.net or call 888-328-9958 ext. 1. All participants will be provided access to an online portal with meditation and soundscape tracks to facilitate this journey. The meditation tracks will be free for download. You will receive 50% off for the soundscape tracks.

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Unity Lodging Staff

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Herod, IL 62947, USA (Garden of the Gods)

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